Learn With Giggles (41:45 Mins)


Learn With Giggles

by Reanne Hansen | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

I will focus on the joy of learning and teaching children how to read, write and do math. It is common to not know where to start to teach children, and my website has all the ideas to teach preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. It focuses on the main learning types, so that the frustration can be replaced with fun. There are hundreds of downloadable books on the website to help parents focus on what the child is struggling with, so that the child can learn more effectively. The main stories on the website focus on tooth fairies and their adventures as they learn positive characteristics such as honesty, kindness, and love. They had adventures with elderly neighbors, and kids their own age learning to choose the right. Learning is meant to be fun, and I want to help parents to bring that to their own homes. The website focuses on families and has a whole section on family activities to help families choose joy.

I graduated from Iowa State University in Elem Education. I taught preschool for my children and other for 9 yrs. I have completed the course work for a masters in educ. at Weber University. I am currently a prof at SLCC in Salt Lake City in the math dept. I struggled finding positive material for my children to teach them to read and do math, so I created it on my own. I am the owner/ CEO of learnwithgiggles.com My husband and I live in South Jordan, Utah, with our 5 children.




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