Celestial Learning (27 min)


Celestial Learning

Tresta Neil

Throughline – Your values, why you act the way you do, what you pull through your experience.

Called to Learn’s Throughline

Learn how to learn

Learn how to love learning

Learning takes Change

Joseph Smith, “I have learned for myself”

“If you want small changes then change your behavior if you want major changes then change your paradigm.” Stephen R. Covey

Learning happens with opportunity

“Adam, where art thou?” giving Adam the opportunity to act.

Nephi wants see the dream (prays with real intent) Angel asks, “What desirest thou?” giving Nephi opportunity to act and ask – know what you want.

Learning happens with failure

Allowing them to fail and trust them

I allowed my young son to use a knife

We are responsible to learn

Increase in Learning, “Each member bears the responsibility to learn…life and become.”

Three Levels of Performance

My mom taught me the three levels of performing which includes learning

1. Telestial

  • Telling them what to do.
  • Computing, facts, reading
  • Light of the stars
  • Faith – Mind and Knowledge

2. Terrestrial

  • Showing them what to do
  • Looking for connections, experiences, patterns
  • Light of the full Moon
  • Hope – Heart and Understanding

3. Celestial

  • Having them do it
  • Able to perform the skill and teach it
  • Light of the Sun
  • Charity – Complete Love – radiating through whole body
  • What level of learn are you at currently?

As a child Tresta believed the words “you’re stupid” and when she barely graduated High School she thought she had her proof. After graduating college with two degrees she still felt unintelligent. When her husband asked her to homeschool their four small children she panicked, how could she teach them?  ​what if it wasn’t enough? she could ruin them! She found a wonderful mentor to guide her. She spent the next several years in a small basement apartment hiding from the world and teaching her children in secret. During that time she discovered how to learn and how to make connections between the mind and the heart by focusing on Christ and His language of symbolism.  Come, learn to connect more deeply with God, recognize your intelligence and experience the joy of seeing the light of understanding move from your children’s mind to their heart.

Tresta is the co-creator of Keystone Education and co-directs the Called to Learn Conference with her amazing husband, Thom. She is the author of “God Saw That It Was Good,” “The Theology Tree” and “The Key Pattern of Learning.” She is a sought after speaker, teaches online classes and mentors as her mentor taught her on life skills, family relationships, systems and homeschooling.

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