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Learning with Celestial Education

Learn what Celestial Education is and why it is important to raise our children with it. Celestial Education can be used with any curriculum, it is a way of how you approach and what you focus on. Learn the four different stages of Celestial Education and what to focus on at each stage.

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Michelle Brady Stone is the youngest of Ted and Janeen Brady’s nine children. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and attended BYU for four years where she studied Music/Dance/Theater and English Composition. She and her husband, Shane, live in Draper, Utah with their five children. Michelle rose to the top of the public school system (“Telestial Education”) with straight A’s, AP classes, academic awards, scholarship offers, etc., but as a mother she quickly recognized the futility and short sightedness of “Telestial Education” and she began seeking a better path for her children. She has been earnestly studying education for eight years and is passionate about the importance of providing children with “Celestial Education”. Michelle is very active in her church callings and she finds her greatest source of true joy and fulfillment in motherhood.


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  1. Jenn says:

    I was discussing this new interpretation of the wheat and tares allegory (which I really love) with my children and we discovered why it is so important to leave the wheat and tares together until they are ripe.

    Both wheat and tares look the same until they are ripe. Only then are they discernibly different because only the wheat bears fruit. Because we believe the tares to be wheat, the act of removing them before we can see for ourselves that they are not bearing fruit would really shake our foundation. It would be confusing and discouraging to have an announcement made which invalidates a personal belief without any evidence to support the declaration. We would feel lost and confused, completely unsure if anything we’ve held as truths are actually correct.

    But by waiting for both the truths and the falsehoods to bear fruit, we will be able to confirm for ourselves what is correct based on our own experience. Although it will still be difficult, such a shift in our lives won’t overthrow our every belief; it will allow us to feel confidence even while reassessing things we have assumed to be correct.

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