#36 Be with Nature


Table Talk Discussions #36
This weeks focus: Rejoice by BEING with Nature
This weeks guests: Nicholeen Peck, Christopher Hurtado, Kami Mitchell, Dianne McLean
You’ll learn celebration tips, such as:

  • Relaxation
  • Walking in nature and listening to your foot steps
  • “Being” with nature, taking a bath, deep breathing, candles
  • Gardening and digging in the dirt

I had a feeling that I wanted to get out into the “open spaces” of the country, where I could get a breath of fresh air and think.

I began to walk, …when I felt myself brought suddenly to a standstill…Then my nerves became quiet, my muscles relaxed, and a great calmness came over me… I received a command from within which came in the form of a thought…The command was so clear and distinct that I could not misunderstand it.” ~ Napoleon Hill

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