Reading and discussing great literature is a wonderful way to solidify family faith and values. This presentation will focus on three works of literature from three age groups, showing how to use each as a way to build faith in children and acting as a template for discussion and learning from other books.


Using the scriptures, prophets, resources from the church distribution center I will offer answers to the above questions.


1 Prayerfully decide and record

2 Check the Pulse and Create Vision

3 MAP the Journey

4 Lay the Foundation- Scriptures, Prophets, LDS Family Guide Book, Teach a Child to Read Using the Book of Mormon, The Door to My Father’s Study is Always Open (aka nature studies)

5 Momculture- Mom’s continuing education- the 15 minute Solution

6 Records- Journals, Book of Remembrance, Commonplace Books


I have seven children and have been home schooling for 26 years and teach a 5-year home school literature class that culminates in the students taking the AP exam in English literature. I write literature and history curricula for American Heritage Schools and love books and learning truths from them.




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