Powerful Days – Livia Pewtress (1hr 2min)


Powerful Practices Produces Powerful Days

Powerful Practices Produce Powerful Days with Livia Pewtress
Do your mornings drag on? Is it hard to get going? Do you wonder how to get your kids engaged early in gospel learning and faithful living? This is for you! Powerful practices produce powerful days. I’m excited to share how we use gospel tools and energized obedience in our days. These things have blessed my family tremendously.

Livia arrived a half an hour early, right when we were starting our dinner break. 🙂 She waited patiently. She also brought with her a basket full of things. It was exciting and brought in much curiosity – let’s get to the presentation right away! Of course, we couldn’t. 🙁
After getting mic’d up and camera ready we finally got to the presentation. She talked about many different ideas she used to help her family get prepared for the day. She also talked about books she used and ideas for day time and evening.
I was impressed. She brought me into her life and I wanted to become a part of her family too. 🙂 She shared great ideas that I know you’ll enjoy too. I especially loved the “Power Up Chair” and the “Mom and Me Journal.”

Livia is a homeschool mom of 5. She is a DIY holistic girl who lives by faith, loves to be with her kids and finds great joy in inspiring them to greatness.
Her mission is to empower moms with tips, tools, techniques and support to develop a creative sanctuary in their hearts and homes where each person is supported in reaching their highest potential and fulfilling their divine mission. She has learned a lot and it is her pleasure to share this knowledge to bless others. For more information on Livia see www.LearnLiveFly.com 

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