Living and Loving your children (45 Mins)


Living and Loving your children-Enjoy your relationships!

by Nathalie Bowman | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

Living and Loving your children-Enjoy your relationships!


Do you ever feel disconnected and discombobulated? Exhausted and stressed about your child’s education? You know homeschooling is right for your family, but you just don’t feel like you’re creating the atmosphere of love and connection that you want in your heart and home. Sometimes your relationships feel empty and you feel like you’re just going through the motions. That’s not a fun place to be, and you don’t have to stay there! There is beauty and love awaiting your family! Come learn how to bring life and love back into your homeschool and family relationships! Once you implement these ideas, it will become natural to see yourself, your spouse, and your children in their greatness daily as you work and learn together. You will learn to let go of guilt and helicopter homeschooling so there will be more room for inspiration, fun, and love in your home and relationships. You will leave this class with solid ideas to implement right away, and a knowledge that you’re ok and on the right track. A homeschool full of life and love is just around the corner for you! See you in class!

Nathalie Bowman has experienced many ups and downs as a homeschool mom of 8 children for 11 years. Through personal struggle, prayer, and faith, her heart has been healed and she is now enjoying her relationships with her children. She loves connecting with her children and seeing the light in their eyes as they learn together. Through using her gifts and intuition, she has been instrumental in changing the lives of many individuals and families, including her own. Nathalie is passionate about helping families heal their hearts and homes so they can live happily ever after.




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