SOS! I’m Stressed! – Lori Tidwell (45 Min)


SOS! I’m Stressed!

​SOS! I’m Stressed!
Learn the different types of stress and how to deal with the stress of fear.

Lori is a beautiful person. She came to the door dressed beautifully. As we visited she seemed sad and I asked her about her day. She had had a rough few weeks, but didn’t want to not do this. She had prepared a presentation on stress, something that was helping her deal with her current stresses. She was a perfect example of how presenters present messages on what they have over come and just because she was in the middle of stress didn’t mean she should stop – keep going no matter what.
She talked about the different types of stresses and focused on the stress of fear and then gave some practical ways to over come fear.

I am the creator of New Healing Harmonies Inc. I am a certified Health Coach,  Energy Healer, Mentor, and Speaker. My business motto is “I lift you and you lift me and we ascend together.” My passion is to teach people who have been diagnosed with auto-immune disorders to learn to trust their body again and their ability to heal through nutrition and holistic principles that I’ve implemented to live symptom free and drug free for the past eleven years. I am the author of The Gift of Disease End Your Struggle with Chronic Illness. 

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