Principles: Making Connections (43 min)


Making Spiritual Connections by Seeking Principles

Making connections by finding principles in different subjects

Did you know that dividing knowledge into subjects are a relatively new invention? And that all truth is connected? When you look at academics through a gospel principle-based lens, it changes everything! Learn how to find principles and make connections with those principles in everything you are studying. You and your kids will make exciting connections which is how you learn to love learning and gain new personal revelation in your lives.

Learn how Molly learned to follow the spirit and taught her children how – she calls it the “kindness challenge.” Education is to help me learn skills to help other people. History is man’s search for truth “His story” If the gospel is in Egypt then maybe the gospel is in everything. It’s not just subjects its knowledge and all knowledge is in one big round whole. Making those connections makes learn fun, alive and exciting. Then it give relevance to our own lives so we can help others. Huge. Truth seekers find happiness. Have epiphanies – between self, subject, with other subjects and the gospel. Math is learning the skill of predicability


Brief Bio: Molly has homeschooled her 7 amazing children (ages 7-24) for the past 18 years. She has an engineering degree from BYU but since found great passion in mothering, teaching and mentoring. She has founded multiple homeschool co-ops and taught numerous classes for youth and adults. She is the owner of Building Heroes Academy which provides training, mentoring, and curriculum to help you raise heroes. She is passionate about encouraging and mentoring others in their life journeys!


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