Language is a Gift from God – Marlene Fletcher (48 min)


Language is a Gift from God – Marlene Fletcher

Language is a gift from God, practical ways to improve your communication
In our fast paced world are we losing the art of communication? Are we overwhelmed sometimes and are passed feeling to discern or recognize opportunities for charity, compassion, and a soft answer. When I was a young mother, I thought the only way my children could learn true principles was with firm discipline, and control. With my lack of patience and skill set, I soon learned a valuable lesson by my 8 yr old son (at the time) about charity, compassion and the Atonement. Join me as I share life changing skills of effective communication with love and compassion. These tools will have an inspiring effect with your children and anyone else you love.

Marlene had a few issues in getting to the studio however it worked out well for everyone. She and I visited for a minute to get us focused, relaxed and a good understanding of what we wanted to share.
Once we got started with the recording she shared her message of language and how we can better improve our relationships with our children. During the recording she seemed like she was not herself and I stopped the recording and talked about it with her. She then opened up and told us some funny stories and examples of what not to do when talking to your children. All of which helped her come up with better ideas and the material for her presentation. You will enjoy the tools and the stories. 🙂



Marlene is the President and founder of the Homeschool Support Group. She owns several businesses. Her life’s mission is to inspire, empower & create, no matter where she may be. Marlene has served on several Executive PTA boards and was the director of radKIDS (child safety empowerment program) at her children’s school. She is a certified radKIDS instructor, empowering over 1,000 children! She has presented at BYU Women’s Conference, LDS Homeschool Conference and the Winter Homeschool Conference. She has been educating families for nearly 20 years and is currently homeschooling. She is married to Matthew Fletcher. They have 4 sons and together they strive to inspire their children to not only learn, but to have a love for learning and make it a life-long habit.

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