Mentoring Your Children: (1 hour, 21 Mins)


Mentoring Your Children on Their Path

by Thom Neil | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015 Southern Utah

Mentoring Your Children on Their Path

Your kids want you to listen and understand them.  You know that in order to connect, you have to listen and understand, but that’s difficult, if not impossible, if they won’t talk.  When you leave this training you will have the tools to begin conversing freely with your loved one.  You will see the clues they send you in their body language.  You will recognize with confidence their powerful traits and discover the connection between who they are and who they can become.  You will also have the skills to begin guiding them on their path.


The 3 magic words to get them to talk, and

The 5 steps of an interview (how not to make it an interrogation)

The 4 keys to put it all together to really connect and understand.

When you do this, they will feel understood and experience, “The Great Connection” with you.

Thom Neil grew up in New Hampshire where as a teenager he delivered many kids over half a dozen were twins.  His family joined the Church of Jesus Christ.  He has been to all but 1 of the states in the United States. He met his wife, Tresta, in a nursing home, he waited for her while she served a mission, and he helped deliver her eight babies.  He enjoys teaching from the stage and one on one.  His membership in the Nation Speakers Association and Utah Association of Realtors gave him great exposure to training and coaching.  He loves languages and technology.  He currently runs the Audio-Visual department for 3 Key Elements.  He is the co-director of Center Point LDS Homeschool Conferences with his wife, Tresta and co-owner of Keystone Education. His children still tease him about being pulled over for grand theft auto and another time for going too slow.  

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