Millennial Family Education Conference Session 2


Course Overview:

The Millenial Family Education Conference was held over a series of months in Monroe, Utah Community Center.

These presentations focused on HOW to give our children an education that is more than career preparation, it is an education for every child’s God-given assignment. We as parents are the one appointed to guide our children in finding their path:

  • How to Avoid Mother Burn Out with Glenn and Julianne Kimber (in Editing)
  • Reaching Every Child for their God Given Assignments with Dr. Glenn Kimber
    • Religious Studies, Language Arts, Math, Science, History are Tools to Teach Intrinsic Values
    • Understanding the education system and protecting our children
  • Freedom for the Millennium and You with Dr. Glenn Kimber  (in Editing)
    • What YOU (adults and youth) can do today to help protect our freedoms

Lessons in this Course: