Principles of Order – Molly Christensen (45 min)


Principle of Order – Molly Christensen

Principles of Order
Our God is a god of order. Then why do we feel so chaotic? What can we do to create more order in our lives? As I’ve pondered how to gain more order, I’ve learned that there are many principles that we must follow if we want order in our lives. A house of order isn’t just physical, it must be spiritually created first!

Molly was very upbeat and cheerful. She is easy to talk to and fun. She had a few questions about the commercial and what to put in it, it was fun to brainstorm with her.
Her message is on the principles of order. She talked about the difference between principles and systems by defining them both. I love the study of principles and therefore got really into the presentation. I liked how each of her principles were true principles – statements of truth and not just single words or values. She gave some great advice for keeping order in our homes and in our minds. You’ll enjoy this presentation.


Molly is the mom to 7 amazing kids ages 5-22. She has homeschooled for at least 15 years. She is active in the homeschool community as founder of multiple co-ops and teacher to many. She is the founder of Mentor Your Kids, a leadership training company and Building Heroes Academy, a family-style curriculum. Both were created to gather people who want to stand for good and become the heroes they were meant to be. She is passionate about helping others discover and move along their own hero journeys!
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