Mothers, The Heart of Homeschooling (48 Mins)


Mothers, The Heart of Homeschooling

by Myra Johnson | LDS Homeschool Conference 2012

As mothers we have great power, more power than perhaps most of us realize. We have the tremendous privilege as mothers, and an even greater privilege as homeschooling mothers, to influence and directly affect our family’s progression and happiness here on earth, as well as our eternal salvation. Motherhood can be very difficult. Homeschooling our children can be even more difficult. I believe that as we begin to learn who we truly are as women, understanding our eternal identity, and also learning what we are to do here on earth, we will gain tremendous power in our own lives as well in our family’s lives. Come, let us strengthen our understanding of how we, as mothers, are the heart of homeschooling.

Myra Johnson is a happy wife and the joyful mother of five fabulous children, ages 6-21: four boys with a little girl at the end. She has been homeschooling for 18 years and has been blessed to see many wonderful fruits of her labors. She centers her homeschool around the gospel of Jesus Christ, and employs the TJEd methodology. She considers motherhood to be one of her greatest blessings, and her ability to homeschool her children a tremendous gift.




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