Music to the Ear (48 min)


Music to the Ear


What if there were a school where you could learn while your children are learning?
We are opening our online school, Center Point Academy. Enrollment is now and the first class is Monday, September 17th.

In talking with several moms we’ve mentored, we discovered their great desire for a gospel directed homeschool, but they felt they were lacking the skills and especially confidence to do it all on their own. So, we created Center Point Academy where we teach moms (dads) and their children together with a Gospel-directed curriculum that includes the scriptures, symbolism, art, math, music, history, literature and science with activities and project learning.
Everyone learns to their capacity. The youngest ones draw and participate in the activities. The youth and the moms engage in making connections with other subjects. They all learn together and at their own level.

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  1. Rebecca Hurdman says:

    Her music touched my life as a child. I wish I could afford it for my kids. I have the books and tapes from when I was a child but no tape player. Digital? Where are you? I sing come on everybody when we have family home evening and even got my husband singing it. Ha,ha. I have an original vinal record of the I’m a Mormon album. But no record player. I love her songs. One of my favorites is My Dad.

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