Succeed With Reading? – Nancy Sorensen (43 min)


Succeed With Reading?

Why Phonics to Succeed With Reading?
Do you want to know how to teach reading, writing, spelling and thinking?  The class will teach you the basic skills that PreK to adults need to know.  The parents learn right along with their children!  A lot of older children missed getting all of the basics and are having trouble in spelling or writing.  By creating a notebook, they learn in a faster way, and children will be able to write a lot more.  In the class we will cover short and long vowels, latin a, s, l, ff, ll, ss, ck and digraphs. Nancy has taught older children who are struggling that turned around and have taught their younger siblings to create generations of readers.

We took our equipment to Nancy’s home, because she has her school there and we wanted to get some shots of her in her school. This recording session was very unique to all the other. I introduce her and get to know her and her reading program. Then we filmed her teaching her grandchildren and their amazing reactions – it was a beautiful sight. 🙂
We then concluded the filming with me asking her more questions about what she did and why. We finished off with how to teach children about the scriptures and then how to teach them about writing using the scriptures. I was impressed with her decision to teach Mormon first in her Book of Mormon series, then Moroni and Joseph Smith before you introduce Nephi. I think its great to learn the background to a book before you dive in. 🙂 Her systems are amazing for teaching reading and scripture study – you are going to really love this! 🙂

 Nancy has over 30 years of teaching PreK-3rd grade to Speech, Learning Disabilities, and High Achieving children. Her favorite qualification is that she has been able to teach hundreds of children! She has a BA degree in Elementary Education and an MA in Secondary Education. Nancy has written her own reading program that reaches all ages. “Succeeding With Reading” teaches reading, writing, spelling and thinking. She has a school in her Mapleton home and one in St. George.

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