Organized Homeschool


Organized Homeschool

by Alison Smith | LDS Homeschool Conference 2013

We don’t learn well or live well in chaos. Order makes for better homeschooling and better lives. Come learn the six crucial systems to home organization that will streamline your homeschooling adventure. Learn to organize your: information, belongings, home cleaning & maintenance, meal planning & preparation, laundry, and schoolwork.

Alison Smith was born in Provo, Utah, in 1964, and handed over to her real, loving parents two days later in the Skaggs parking lot. In 1985 she married her dream man, Dr. Samuel McArthur Smith, in the Salt Lake Temple. She graduated from BYU in 1987, three weeks after her first child was born. She is now in her 19th year of homeschooling. Her oldest daughter is in graduate school (information systems), her second and third daughters are undergraduates (landscape management and a deferred music dance theater major serving an LDS mission, respectively) — all attending BYU. Her fourth daughter (15) attends Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts while homeschooling her academics and the two boys (12 and 9) are at home full time. Alison loves singing, writing, computers, reading, karate, and dark chocolate. She ran (using the term loosely) the Top of Utah Marathon to celebrate her 40th birthday. She is a professional blogger (, web designer (, and blog network owner ( She is the founder of and a permablogger on She is CFO of ProSapien LLC. Her new book, The 7 Success Habits of Homeschoolers is scheduled for publication this summer if she finishes the charts — which she’s been saying for five years now.




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