Get Them Connected (33min)


Get Them Connected

Justin Garn

Get Them Connected

As a father I teach them about self mastery – do hard things – learn how to find out what they want and get them to understand the importance – they need to buy in – put weight in – value their own minds and own education – nourish their minds – do it with little stuff –

Best advice or tip for fathers – get your children connected to Heavenly Father so they can by pass you.

Justin is a passionate trainer, mentor and public speaker who eats, drinks and breathes positive, personal transformation.  Dedicated to realizing and releasing human potential, he trains individuals and groups how to grab hold of their identity as co-creators of themselves and the world around them.  Deeply committed and indebted to the Lord Jesus Christ, he guides all to partner with the Savior in actively building themselves after the pattern traced by Deity.  Justin Garn’s message to all: “God’s great Plan of Happiness is a plan of Freedom! And He has designed His children with the unique ability to create Freedom whoever they are, wherever they are, regardless of circumstances.  You can bring greater light and goodness into this world!  Let’s start today!”
He  was born into an LDS military family in Okinawa, Japan and has lived all over the globe.  He formed a great love of people and their variety of beliefs and cultures.  He has studied Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Dari and still attempts to speak English in order to reach God’s children from different walks of life.  He has served for 20 years in the U.S. Army and currently enjoys training military personnel in strategies to overcome their challenges and live fuller lives.  He lives with his amazingly cute wife and incredible children in Orem, Utah.



Justin came to the studio on a Saturday afternoon dressed for church. He had to cancel the first time and so we were glad to get him the next round. He chose to do the presentation style vs. the interview style, but we got to ask him questions still. He has some deep thoughts and a good breakdown of points on how to connect better with God. So, glad we got to interview him.


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