Becoming a Better Parent (46min)


Becoming a Better Parent

Mary Ann Johnson

Becoming A Present Parent for Better Educational Outcomes

Becoming a Present Parent:Maximizing Presence in five Minutes or Less. The purpose is to show parents that if they can learn to be Present during the everyday moments of family life, children will behave better, obey more readily and desire to be with us and please us. The whole point of all of that is that, as a family, we are happier. The point of homeschooling isn’t just about education. It is about keeping your children bonded to you and in having more time with them – time that is enjoyable.

Mary Ann has been one of my heroes since I met her five years ago. I asked her to speak at my very first event. After it was all over I asked her what advise she had for me and she said, “Just don’t stop. Keep going no matter what.” I still use that advise whenever I feel like giving up.

Mary Ann choose conversational style and we got started right away. She had some wonderful things to say about becoming present more often with our children. She opened up the scriptures and read directly from God’s word. I was completely captivated by her message.

The noise level started picking up in the house toward the end of her interview and we felt rushed to finish it. I was sad to have to push it, because I know I could have learned a lot more. Her message is one to listen to if you have children. She also gave the audience access to a chapter in her new book.

Mary Ann in a Kid Connection Expert. She is the mother of seven and grandmother to 13. She has mentored hundreds of families helping them have a greater sense of connection.


Take a look at our interview with Mary Ann about her newly released book, Present Parenting.

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