Peace over War


Would you like to have a peaceful relationship, with a parent, sibling or friend? Then this class is for you.  A fun interactive, class on how to be powerful instead of powerless, in any relationship! Creating peace in relationships, not war. In the world we live in it’s hard to keep a peaceful relationship with anyone especially with parents. This class is how to do it. Learn how to be a creator not a reactor.  How to be a better friend, son, daughter, husband, wife, father, or mother, though creating Peace.  Don’t miss this powerful class on “Peace over War”.


Izaak is a passionate, fun, out going person who loves to play on stage. He has been to over 400 hours of personal development training.  He loves to study about how to fix relationships with others and how to have a more purposeful life. Even as a young boy he was ready at a moments notice to share in front of an audience.  He has lots of dreams, a huge bucket list, and cant wait to lead this world to greatness.  If your looking for a fun, exciting and a conversation about relationships, this is your guy!



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