Personal Finance (55:20)


Personal Finance: Creating Generations of Wealth

by Matt Parks | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

Personal Finance: Creating Generations of Wealth (55:20)

Teaching our children how to become wise financial stewards will enable them to serve well throughout their lives. Finances can be a source of stress or peace, selfishness or service, contention or unity. Our stewardship of money on this earth is a type and a preparation for things to come, and it all starts in the home. We often hear only a few of church leaders’ financial mantras — e.g. stay out of debt — while a great wealth of their financial counsel — e.g. principles on appropriate business debt — is passed over. What are some of these principles? What are some practical ways we can apply them? And how can we pass this on to our children and grandchildren? One brief presentation is hardly sufficient to cover the content of the many great books that have been written on personal finance. As such, I will provide you a free book along with an ordered book list that I have found helpful.

Matt is the father of three daughters ages two to six and one brand new son joining the boy team. He loves to play in the snow, dance with the kids and give them extra ice cream. For that matter, Matt loves to give everybody ice cream, sharing his passion for Ben and Jerry’s with dearest friends and complete strangers. When Matt is not able to be home, he is often found sharing a message of entrepreneurship, liberty, and financial security as a business developer for Strongbrook or working as a software engineer for Xactware. He loves to help people expand their vision of possibilities and prepares to fulfill a personal dream of building a family camp in Costa Rica. Matt is happiest when he is creating or fortifying familial, spiritual, and financial relationships. He loves to see eyes brighten with vision and hope.


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