Power of an Hour – Donna Goff (54 min)


Power of an Hour

Power of an Hour and the Odyssey Approach to Home School
What can you teach in one hour? It will amaze you and change the way you home school forever! Are you struggling with homeschooling several children? Is home school prep time stealing your family time or your sleep? It does not need to be this way! Do you struggle with consistency in homeschooling? Are you at loss of what to cover in teaching your children? This presentation will show you how to overcome these difficulties and more. Learn how you can use the Power of an Hour to engage your children in learning, benefit children of different ages, become more consistent in homeschooling, simplify your life, and enrich your home school journey!

Donna had two presentations prepared and was nervous to have an interview but was very willing to try. She said she was going to pretend that she was just talking to me. “Perfect,” I responded.
Her first presentation was on the workings of Power of an Hour, which was an solution to a problem she had. She found that an hour a day of schooling was enough.
Her second presentation was the difference between shepherd parenting and sheep herder parenting. She told some amazing stories, in fact, one of them really affected me on a spiritual level. Through that story I received an answer that I had been for for a long time. You will enjoy her message.

and her husband of 39 years have a family of seven children and thirteen grandchildren. She has been homeschooling since 1983.Donna has a BA in Fine Art and Design and an MA Ed.
She is the founder and co owner with her daughter Julia Groves, of Moor House Academy, an LDS independent school and home school resource. Together, Donna and Julia run Royal Academe:Educating for a Whole Life and Rediscovering the Lost Arts. Donna enjoys time with her family, family history work, the cultural arts, the lost arts, writing, frugality, and creativity.

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