Pre-Christmas Prophesies


Course Overview:

If you lived just before the birth of Jesus Christ what would you expect or know would happen according to the prophecies in the Old Testament?

Here are thirteen questions that could have been answered with the Old Testament.

  1. What Tribe will he be from and what is his lineage?
  2. How old would he be when he comes?
  3. Who will be his mother? What will be her traits?
  4. What will his name be?
  5. Where will he be born?
  6. What will he wear?
  7. Who will witness the birth?
  8. What will his social and financial status be?
  9. What will the angels in heaven be doing?
  10. How will the world know he is coming? Will there be other signs?
  11. Will some bring him gifts?
  12. What does it mean he would be called “out of Egypt?”
  13. Where will he live?

Watch and learn the prophecies and their fulfillment, the question and their answer.

Lessons in this Course:

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