Raising a Family of Heroes


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Our world is in need of heroes – people who will stand for truth, good, and righteousness. As the world gets darker, we need more people to stand up now – our children don’t have the luxury of waiting and neither do we. But how do you raise a family of heroes who will develop their talents and skills to share with others when called upon? Learn what you need to learn and teach to raise a family who will fight on Christ’s side in this spiritual battle of good vs evil.

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Molly is a happy wife and mom to 7 children ages 4-21. After graduating with a degree in engineering, her life took a totally different course when she began homeschooling her oldest in first grade. She has founded multiple successful co-ops and taught numerous classes to youth and adults. She LOVES to teach and mentor others. She is the founder of www.mentoryourkids.com- a leadership training company as well as www.buildingheroesacademy.com- a family-style character curriculum like none other! In her “spare” time, she enjoys downhill skiing, hiking and reading.





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