Raising Heroes


So often we get caught up in trying to choose the perfect curriculum for our children.  What we teach is important, but it’s not so much the curriculum!  In this class we will discuss what a hero is, why we need them,  and how to raise them.  We will look at heroes in the book of Mormon and see what qualities they had.  We will discuss what skills and powers we have (or need to develop) in order to raise heroes.  Our budding heroes need us to be their mentors and champions.

Molly Christensen is the mother of 7 wonderful children ages 2 -19. For a few years, she fought the crazy idea of homeschooling before she took the plunge and began in 2000. Molly graduated from BYU with a degree in mechanical engineering, but her real education began when homeschooling did. After hearing Oliver deMille speak on reading the classics that first year, she took the challenge on and has been voraciously reading great books ever since. She is currently the director and founder of the homeschool commonwealth, Aspire Scholar Academy. She has taught numerous classes for youth including latin, science, and math. She has a talent for taking many pieces and pulling them together into one big picture and sharing that vision with others. Molly loves encouraging others in their homeschooling / life journey!




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