Relate with Symbols


Course Overview:

Teaching and Learning with the spirit is definitely our goal. With every goal comes the question of “how?” These Table Talk Discussions are focused on possible ways to teach with the spirit. When studying Christ’s ministry we discover many principles of teaching and learning. Here are the upcoming topics of discussion:

  • Asking Good Questions
  • Record Keeping
  • Receiving Revelation
  • Recognizing Principles
  • Patterns of Learning
  • The Act and Receive Cycle of Learning
  • Teach One Another
  • Using Symbols and Analogies
  • Rejoice in Learning
  • Relating with Stories
  • Reflecting and Reviewing
  • Remember the Source (Christ)
  • Called to Learn

Elder Bednar has repeatedly spoken about the importance of learning, “Each member bears the responsibility to learn…life and become.”

Lessons in this Course: