Restoring the Hebrew Way (42:36)


Restoring the Hebrew Way

by Katie Hansen | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

Who were the Hebrews and what were their ways of life? Is it possible their culture could show a pattern for us today? The Hebrew Way is an ancient cultural pattern of living and being. When we look into this Ancient Hebraic culture and see these patterns and way of life, we see that The Hebrew Way is being restored, and that you and I are Hebrew. We are not just a religious group, but also a Nation; a Nation that has been lost and is now awakening. It is time for the true Hebrew people everywhere to shake off Babylon’s ways and live our own. Come take courage in your very own culture! Some aspects introduced in this session include: – Creating our “Houses of Learning” with the Creation and Temple as the central messages. – Celebrating “Our Story” together as families through Symbol, Story and other Arts.

Katie Hansen is the wife to Michael Hansen and their crowning accomplishment is their five beautiful children. Since becoming a mother, she has been receiving a liberal arts education in the Hebrew & Greek tradition through God, Classics, Mentors, Simulations and Study. She has developed a strong connection with the Hebrew culture and has been on a journey of discovering – The Hebrew Way; an ancient pattern of living and being. She is a trained Mentor through LEMI and has taught youth and adults through many avenues including Principle-based Simulations and her Discovering Intelligent Design Through Symbol & Story classes. She received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at USU and is currently completing her FootZonology Certification as well as serving as Chair for Liber Academy and creating and teaching a holistic thematic curriculum for mothers and their children based on the Ancient Hebrew principles.




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