Revalue America (46:03)


Revalue America

by Jacqueline Smith | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

Come listen to some answers to our country’s problems in a way you may have never heard before. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS CHANCE TO HAVE A REAL PARADIGM SHIFT! This class looks at the education system in America, what drives the Education system, and how it has shifted. This is a great class for those struggling to break away from what the world teaches (skills) and what they should be teaching (values). We will look at the Four Lost American Ideals and how we can bring those back into society.


Jacqueline Smith is mother to 5 beautiful children. She currently homeschools her youngest four children. She is part owner of a plumbing company, CRS Mechanical Contractors, Inc. which specializes in radiant heat, plumbing, snowmelt, geo-thermal heating and cooling, and solar water-heating. The family raises pigs, chickens, and has a bee hive on their property. Her main focus is raising her children, serving in her church and community, and raising awareness of Constitutional principles through education.

Education: Her formal education included Weber State, The University of Utah, and George Wythe University. She is currently adjunct faculty for Monticello College. She loves learning, and loves to help educate others in principles of freedom and liberty.

Work Experience: As a part of corporate America for 18 years, Jacqueline was the executive assistant to Robert L. Rice and Scott L. Rice at Rice Industries, where she oversaw the accounting work of 32 corporations in 7 states and balanced their monthly cash flows and bank statements, along with analysis of data for improved cash flow. She played a pivotal role in helping to create new customized software for the corporations by helping the programmer find ways to make it very user-friendly and intuitive. She left the corporate world when she and Cleve added to their family, and she worked to help Cleve

start his own business. She trades stocks and options, and has embarked into real estate with Strongbrook as investments into her family’s future.

Political Experience: After co-founding the STAR Forum entry into the political world has been a whirlwind. Jacqueline has served as a State Delegate many times, and is the current Summit County Republican Treasurer, and member of the State Central Committee. She has also served as Secretary for the Summit County Republicans. She served on the Freedomworks Tea Party Debt Commission in Utah. She was a candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for Utah’s 1st District in 2012.

Her Mission: Jacqueline is an expert in the Cycles of History and generational patterns. She believes that if people understand where we are in history, they will step up to the plate and be part of the solution. This is our crisis and we can create a great new founding. She looks forward to watching the new HERO generation rise up and do the right thing. We only get one chance in every life-time to make a difference. This is her time. She and her husband believe that freedom can win with enough like-minded educated individuals on board. She also recognizes that our culture must change from an employee-accumulation mindset to one of entrepreneur-investor mindset. She believes as the culture changes, our voting patterns and desire to be more involved with our local elected servants will increase. As people develop wealth and property, they have more reason to pay attention to their government.



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