Roots, Shoots, and Fruits (44 Mins)


Roots, Shoots, and Fruits

by Vernie DeMille | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

By preparing ourselves and our home, we are prepared to nurture a child so they can grow and thrive into who God wants them to be. As we love our children and through constant care, awareness, and inspiration we will be successful in the same way as a gardener would be looking over their precious harvest.

Vernie DeMille grew up on an heirloom apple orchard and was homeschooled. Her kids are second generation homeschoolers. Her mother knew there was a better way to educate her kids. They traveled around the country and she grew to love learning, love her country and love the land we live on. She passes this on to her children as she and her husband William De Mille farm, travel, and homeschool their four kids aged 10-16. She and William have worked with LEMI to develop a Georgics curriculum to teach scholars how to be self sufficient and feel validated as productive citizens. The project teaches the kids to grow their own food and manage land, time and resources as well as the continuing relationship to man and the natural world. She currently lives with her family in Enoch, UT, and is a Mentor Trainer with LEMI.




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