Royal Relationships:  Dating Etiquette and Gender Roles


Royal Relationships: Dating Etiquette and Gender Roles

by Amy Hansen | LDS Homeschool Conference 2012

Gentlemen, do you ever wonder:  How should I ask a girl out?  She said yes, what now?  Will she slap me if I open the door for her?  What side of the sidewalk do I walk on?  Ladies, how about:  Whatever happened to the “old-fashioned” gentleman?  How do I get into the car with a dress on?  What about that pesky “door scene?”  Do I really have to wait for him to open the door?  Come learn the answers to these and more with hands-on activities to practice etiquette and proper behavior as we discuss the proper roles of YM and YW – the Future Kings and Queens of Zion.


Amy is the founder of the Royal Academy for Future Kings and Queens of Zion.  She began hosting the Etiquette Workshops and Simulations 3 years ago and has enjoyed learning and teaching etiquette and becomingtrueKings and Queens to youth.  She is the mother of 7 Future Kings and Queens and is married to her sagacious King, Von Hansen.



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