Math: Self Government


Self Government 

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Self Governed is to responsibly act, instead of merely being acted upon; to conduct oneself as a Christian; to allow Christ to lead us in all things.

Who are your Rulers?
  • Do you need a ruler to tell you what to do next?
  • Who rules over you?
  • What type of rulers do you have?
  • When Christ is your ruler you grow more and more responsible for your own self. (Helaman 5:12)
Characteristics of a learner who is not self-governed
  • Not sure what teacher/parent wants them to do
  • Never get their work done
  • Do only what they want to do
  • Have to be continually reminded
  • Need candy rewards, true self-governed learners don’t need a reward
Characteristics of a learner who IS self-governed
  • Can get to work by themselves without being told, they tell themselves
  • Finish the work they have been given to do (role play it)
  • Like to do a good job, done well
  • Hold in their mind the instruction
  • Praise them when they finish it

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