Science and Mormonism: (53 Mins)


Science and Mormonism: Reconciling the Conflicts

by David McKay Barker | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

Science and Mormonism: Reconciling the Conflicts

We’ll discuss some of the problems with popular scientific theories that conflict with the scriptures. Many scientists today try to restrict the study of science to “nature” and exclude any mention of God or religion. Thus, they miss clues and details essential to a proper understanding of truth. Particularly problematical is the study of events and processes in the past–which cannot be replicated. How can such things as the assumption of uniformity be tested? With a time machine of course–too bad we don’t have one. Elder John A. Widtsoe, apostle and scientist wrote that although the Church accepts science, it does so with two reservations: First, the facts which are the building blocks of science must be honestly and accurately observed…. Second, the interpretations of observed facts must be distinctly labeled as inferences, and not confused with the facts…. There must be a distinct segregation of facts and inferences.

David McKay Barker has had a passion for reconciling the conflicts between science and religion. It concerns him that so many people attribute their loss of faith to “science.” He maintains that real truth from one source is harmonious with real truth from any other. Also, that it isn’t the facts found by science that cause the losses of faith, but the problematic theories, surmises, assumptions, and the atheistic view of science so popular today. As a retired Bank Examiner/ CPA, he likes things to add up, and when they don’t he probes to find out why.



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