Science is Alive (29 min)


Science is Alive!

Belinda Ballentyne

Come one, Come all! Belinda shares science in a magical way. She brought in everyday items and created a wonderful show all based on water and force. Come and watch a toilet paper roll disappear in seconds.

I invited Belinda over to my home because of her busy schedule and timing. She saw our studio and said, “Oh, my!” She needed more room than we had planned. So we got busy taking lots of things out and making room for her experiments. It was great joy watching her unfold science in a fun, energetic way.

Belinda has a talent of speaking and explaining things she does with her family in an exciting way. She is captivating and awe inspiring. 🙂

Belinda Ballantyne is a mother of 4 wonderful curious and loving children. She has homeschooled for 15 years. Belinda has taught science, history, literature and is a great field trip planner. Belinda is a great mentor, who cares deeply about the progress of each person she comes into contact with.

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