Seek Learning by Faith


Seek Learning by Faith

by Tresta Neil | LDS Homeschool Conference 2012

How do you learn with Faith?  When Joseph Smith went into the grove to pray, he went with the intention to get an answer to what church was true (knowledge) and which church to join (action, or what to do with that knowledge).  He sought for the path and the action he should take.  Learning by faith is a choice that requires action.  It requires hope in the future for greater knowledge.  It invites the love of God from our only true teacher, the Holy Ghost.    The responsibility of learning by faith rests upon us as individuals.  In this class you will learn 3 very effective tools you can take home and use in your family in helping them understand how to truly Learn by Faith.

Tresta Garrett Neil is the mother of eight wonderful children and homeschools them all.  After they were married and had a few children her husband, Thom, asked her to homeschool their children and after much coaxing and an LDS homeschool conference she was convinced.  Homeschooling has become the best thing she has ever done for herself and her family.   After living in a two bedroom basement apartment with eight children while going in and out of the hospital with her sixth son who was born without a bile duct she and her husband now live in Orem in a larger home and enjoy their healthy and wealthy life.

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