Socialization – the Big “S” Word! (48:25 Mins)


Socialization - the Big "S" Word!

by Dianne McLean | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

In this presentation, we address the one concern that trumps people. It’s that one word that can take an otherwise pleasant conversation about home education completely sideways. This one word can move a parent who is sitting on the fence about homeschooling to choose against it, one that is new and frustrated with loneliness or taken back by the groups they have met, to send their child back to public school, and it can invoke fear and uncertainty in people. But in others it is the blessing they have been waiting for their entire lives, it can be refreshing and liberating. And unfortunately most homeschool leaders won’t even talk about it. It’s the big S word, SOCIALIZATION. And in this presentation, we are going to stop discrediting the feelings people are having about this – whether they are already homeschoolers, or just peering in from the outside. We will talk about that S word, once and for all.

Dianne McLean has been homeschooling since 2003. She has worked with thousands of homeschoolers and hundreds of homeschool groups to pioneer social activities, group policies, and procedures which affect the homeschool community as a whole. Her approach is always practical and effective. She also specializes in working with middle to high school level groups to help prepare for college entry and is familiar with the latest developments of Common Core and how it is affecting future college students. She directs a national support organization, Home Education Council of America; and has developed a private online academy which offers a multitude of high quality, non-Common Core classes – Pioneer Online Academy for Homeschoolers. She has been teaching Spanish and other subjects for several years using an innovative online setting to offer live interaction no matter where you live in the world.

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