Structure Your Morning: (52:20 Mins)


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Structure Your Morning, Save Your Day

Homeschool days can be crazy and unpredictable. But you don’t have to feel like you live in a daily whirlwind. Join ToriAnn as she shares a few tips on how to transform your mornings from chaos to calm — and create a routine that creates the potential for an awesome day.

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ToriAnn Perkey is a mother, storyteller, musician, teacher, organizer, and mentor. As a homeschooling veteran of ten years, she strives to lead each of her children–along with others that she mentors–to discover, celebrate, and prepare for the unique role that each has come to earth to play. Often she is found swimming in the chaos of a happy, busy home, but she has also served as the past presidents of both WHEN (Wasatch Home Educators Network)–the

largest homeschooling network in Utah–and the Timp Teller chapter of the Utah Storytelling Guild. She has presented at homeschooling conferences and performed as a professional storyteller throughout Utah. ToriAnn lives in Orem with her husband, Josh, and her four children.




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