Summer Math

Course Overview:

Summer Math

About this class:

This class is filled with activities and stories and learning all done in class – no homework.

This is a 16 class for the whole family. It will take place online once a week.

The cost is $100 per family for all 16 classes.

The recordings will be available every Monday for 16 weeks, starting September 17th. This Math class will focus on Circles! ๐Ÿ™‚

The purpose of this class:

  • Gain a stronger relationship and understanding of God the Father
  • Turning on the enthusiasm for math
  • Showing personal application for math
  • You CAN do math because is not just about worksheets (computations)
  • How to find principles
  • Find solutions for modern concerns
  • Create your own problems and finding solutions and vice versa.
  • Seeing and feeling how God used Math everywhere!
  • AND learning all about the geometry of the circle. ๐Ÿ™‚

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Scrap paper for practicing
  • A notebook for notes and vocabulary (composition book) OR plain paper to add to a 3 ring binder
  • Math compass
  • Pencil, sharp
  • Colored pencils (optional)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Printer to print off the activity each week

Other household items:

Each lesson may have extra things and you’ll get a supply list before class. For example, to make a fan you’ll need a push pin and a pencil with an eraser. Or for circles, you’ll need a can or cup and a string.

The class outline:
(it may change as the class progresses – that’s why it is pilot)

– Introduction to math instruments and symbolic art
– the point and the circle; the story of Giotto
– Is there a beginning to a circle?
– What has a center?
– Practicing Godhood and drawing the Universe
– The Circle of Influence and the parent of all shapes
– Introduction to The Number One
– The All Seeing Eye
– Calculating pi; story of Archimedes
– Triunity, where do you find it?
– The ripple of expansion
– Dividing the Circle
– One Eternal Round
– Maximum Efficiency
– Limited and Unlimited
– Finding the Area of a Circle
– Expanding and Developing your talents
– Creating is Organizing (draw a creation with circles)
– The Power of Sequencing
– The Circles of the Earth
– Eratosthenes measures the Earth
– Water Circles, the only time 1+1 is NOT 2
– Truth is the sum of existence, unchanged
– Circles in Nature
– Walk around the circle to create time
– The Hebrew Circle
– The Egyptian Circle
– Circles in different languages
– Christ-Centered Characteristics

What you’ll learn:

  • The instruments of Math and their symbolism
  • Why the point and line have no definitions
  • How to draw a perfect circle
  • The history of circles – the beginning of ALL math
  • How to calculation with One
  • How to calculate the area of a circle (physically and spiritually and with a calculator)
  • How to calculate pi
  • How to measure the earth
  • How to find circles in literature and language
  • Some of the symbols on the Egyptian facsimile in the Pearl of Great Price
  • Riddles of Circles
  • The three levels of math

Plus you will โ€ฆ

  • Discover twelve of God Characteristics
  • Learn that you help others when you develop talents
  • Gain a stronger connection with God the Father
  • Understand the creation of the earth better
  • Have more confidence in math

What you’ll create:

  • Your first Geometry notebook complete with vocabulary
  • A perfect circle
  • A pinwheel
  • A symbolic seed
  • A sequence
  • A sun clock
  • Several drawing with only circles

My Goals:

  • Show you how amazing math can be
  • To prove that you can learn math as a family (multiple ages)
  • Effectively teach small groups
  • Have a group that will continue to move through all the shapes with me