Building Foundation with Symbolic Hebrew


Building Foundation with Symbolic Hebrew

by Katie Hansen | Faith & Light Conference 2016

Not only does Hebrew lead symbolism in it’s essence, with its illustration of principles through numbers, shapes, chords, pictographs, stories, etc. it also illustrates Christ-centered Principles and tells the story of The House of Israel. Come hear our story as Katie introduces you to the difference between Greek and Hebrew in terms of symbols. Then, experience making connections for yourself as you will be immersed in learning Symbolic Hebrew. Don’t forget your scriptures!

Katie grew up exploring and discovering the woods, ponds, creeks, and fields in the Baltimore, Maryland countryside. After moving west and graduating college in Elementary Education from USU, she found her personal call to teach her own. Through this call to work, learn and grow as a Wife to Michael Hansen and Mother to 6, she has come to understand what a true education is and discovered her love of teaching true principles through symbols and stories, building community and helping families develop their education on foundational principles. Katie is a Footzonologist, artist, principles-based teacher, trained Mentor through Leadership Education Mentoring Inst. and the author of The Hebrew Way: A Principle-based Life that Leads Us. She is currently sharing with Mother’s her family curriculum called The Foundation Builder Guide: A Mother’s Guide to Developing Education on The Foundational Character-building Principles of Creation, through online monthly classes and workshops, and nurturing women through Unlocking the Chambers Retreats.

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