Standing as a Witness – Tammy Ward (41 min)


Standing as a Witness – Tammy Ward

Standing as a Witness

We have not been saved for thousands of years to live in the Latter Days to sit quietly by on the sidelines. Boldly standing as a witness for Jesus Christ and holding Him up as the light is one of our duties and great privileges. Learn 4 ways you can show your carefully observing children and youth how to do this. By following these simple, yet powerful steps you will gain confidence and clarity to boldly move forward in building up the kingdom of God.

Tammy is very cheerful and happy and easy to visit with. In fact Dave, our producer, had to stop us from talking so we could get started on the recordings. We laughed over that one for some time.

Tammy’s message was one of standing strong for the Lord. She shared some great stories about sharing the gospel wherever she goes, even with the taxi driver. During the interview she shared a sacred experience of how the Savior helped her give him her pain during labor. The painting above us reminded her of this experience.

Tammy is the Founder and President of Hope Haven Events which is an event company that hosts large  conferences, retreats, camps, trainings and much more. Besides organizing events, she also finds great joy in  mentoring others to help them reach their goals. She says not only is it FUN, but super rewarding!!

Tammy is a highly sought after energy healer and intuitive mentor. She currently home educates 7 of her 8 children, ages 18 months to 17 years. Tammy believes whole-heartedly that being Christ-centered and believing/creating in abundance and prosperity is not an oxymoron.

She has a strong desire to connect other messengers of like mind and share some of the tools she has been learning and how they have been rocking her WHOLE WORLD!!  (not just the checkbook!)

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