Teaching Children the Lord’s Way: (45:21 Mins)


Teaching Children the Lord’s Way & Making It Stick

by Patti Adams | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

Teaching Children the Lord’s Way & Making It Stick

Liberty is one of our most valuable gifts. Tenna has taught and inspired hundreds of individuals, teens, grandparents, moms and dads and has taught over 400 classes on the Constitution and Liberty. Her contemporary message and interactive storytelling captivate and inspire audiences from all parts of the country. You will find yourself immersed in history as she weaves the treasured patterns and principles of liberty into each engaging story. Tenna provides patterns and practices that can be implemented into your home schooling. Uncover some of the most treasured patterns of freedom and liberty as you are immersed into the history and stories of our fore fathers. You will learn how to captivate and bring history to life for your children. Inspire their love of learning and desire to learn what makes America great. Learn the character traits and patterns of people throughout history and how these patterns can empower you and children to preserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. You will be amazed at how simple the patterns really are and how they are protected in our founding documents, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. You have the opportunity to make a difference, increase awareness and knowledge of your personal liberty. Tenna is more than a story teller she is a masterful “EDU-TAINER”.

There are two reasons it is necessary to think systematically and in principles: An epistemological reason and a metaphysical reason.

The Epistemological Reason:

We need principles so we have a few fundamental beliefs we can handle and test…

The Metaphysical Reason:

Knowledge is ultimately based on reality. Reality is what we check our beliefs against…

But there is also a caveat:

While contradictions are to be avoided, sometimes one cannot avoid them, or does not know how to avoid them.

For example, the theory of relativity explains the universe on a large scale and the theory of quantum electrodynamics explains it on a subatomic scale. However, these two theories do not mesh. Because we are stuck, we realize our understanding is limited. We keep both theories because each has explanatory value in its own realm. However, one cannot believe a blatant contradiction. For example, how does one integrate the theory of evolution with the biblical account (as long as it is interpreted correctly). We do not yet know how to do it. Did God exist before the Big Bang or did he find after the Big Bang that he was most intelligent?

Tenna Hartman is President and Co-founder of Liberty-Ladies and The Liberty Learning Center. She is recognized as an excellent motivational speaker on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Tenna is a wife and a mother of five beautiful children. She has home schooled her children for the 4 years and taught history and English to ninth graders for Benjamin Franklin Academy. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of Utah in 1989. She is an entrepreneur and has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience and currently works as a healthcare business consultant. Tenna has taught over 400 classes on Liberty and The Constitution for the past 6 years and is constitutionally certified by the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies. Her goal is the preservation of liberty and she is passionate about teaching thousands of people to become mentors and educators of Liberty



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