The Constitutional Covenant


The Constitutional Covenant: Religious Liberty and the Continuation of Consensual Government

by Von Hansen | LDS Homeschool Conference 2013

The Constitutional Covenant:  Religious Liberty and the Continuation of Consensual Government

Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve recently stated, “Religious values and political realities are so interlinked in the origin and perpetuation of this nation that we cannot lose the influence of Christianity in the public square without seriously jeopardizing our freedoms.  I maintain that this is a political fact, well qualified for argument in the public square by religious people whose freedom to believe and act must always be protected by what is properly called our ‘First Freedom,’ the free exercise of religion.”

If this is indeed a well qualified political fact, then we and our children need to be prepared to promote this view of constitutionalism in the public square.  Join Von as he discusses the unique development of constitutionalism in America from the religious covenants which served as founding instruments in our colonial history, and leave with resources to teach these well qualified facts to your children and others.  See why this understanding of constitutionalism, espoused by our Founders, is not taught in most schools anymore, and explore how losing the influence of Christianity in the public square would seriously  jeopardize our freedoms.

You can come prepared for discussion by reading Elders Oaks’ address

Ever since hearing Neal A. Maxwell speak on the 200th anniversary of the US Constitution, a desire to learn about God’s hand in the establishment of our land of liberty has burned in Von’s heart.  This has led him to a BA in History at BYU, graduate studies in Political Economy at George Wythe University, and the creation of his Providential History Series — courses in history focusing on God’s Hand  and our personal missions.  He is married to the lovely, courageous, ambitious, talented, and energetic Amy Hansen whom God raised up to form a perfect compliment to his own talents and abilities (although he has a hard time keeping up with her).  Together they are raising and homeschooling 7 amazing children.



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