The Key Pattern of Learning


Course Overview:

The KEY Pattern of Learning

One afternoon when I was teaching my children, I got really upset. I had planned a wonderful lesson and the topic was mentally stimulating and I was excited to share it. I had the pages for them to write and color on and we were all assembled together on my bed for the learning experience. I had looked up scriptures and pondered over what I would say and I had a story that would bring in a metaphor to help the children understand the foundation subject we were learning. All the right ingredients were there. I began. The children’s reactions were unexpected, “He’s touching me.” “Why do we have to learn this again?”, “I don’t like this picture, can I get another one?” After starting and restarting many times I finally told them all to go outside and play in the leaves. I bowed my head and asked, “Why, what am I missing? I had everything ready including enthusiasm. Please help me find a way to get my children as enthusiastic about this subject as I am!”

I could see there was a misconnect, a missing link between me and them. I was  delivering or feeding them wonderful, wholesome knowledge and expecting them to chew, swallow and digest it all, to have the information enhance their intelligence and life. But, alas, it wasn’t working. What was the missing link?

The Levels of Learning

I pondered a moment and went outside with the children. We played for awhile, laughed, made pathways in the leaves. We piled them all together, jumped in them and took pictures.

After awhile we went inside got drinks and sat down together. I had them draw a picture of whatever they wanted while being very quiet. I sat down with a paper too and I drew a circle and then wrote 6 words around the outside of it.

Learn – Knowledge – Apply – Understand – Share – Wisdom

In the center I wrote, Revelation. I saw this as the act and receive cycle. We learn and receive knowledge, apply what we receive understanding and when we share it with others we receive wisdom.

  • In video one, The Levels of Learning, I’m going to show you the secret to bridging the gap and the details of the levels of learning.
  • In video two, The Revelation Hexagon, I draw out the Key Pattern of Learning and show you the critical steps to retention with the 4R’s in the hexagonal center.
  • In video three, The Action Triangle, I show you the three action steps to take to gain knowledge, plant understanding and harvest wisdom.
  • In video four, The Receiving Triangle, I will show you the three divine gifts of learning.

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