The Middle East in History and Prophecy (50:36 Min)


The Middle East in History and Prophecy

by Glenn Kimber | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

Half of the world’s prophecies of the last days will take place in the Middle East.  They are also being fulfilled in these days, right before our eyes.  Dr. Kimber will explain the recent history of Israel and what’s up ahead for this strong, pivotal country which is now cringing under the hostilities Syria, Iran, and now Egypt.

There are two reasons it is necessary to think systematically and in principles: An epistemological reason and a metaphysical reason.

The Epistemological Reason:

We need principles so we have a few fundamental beliefs we can handle and test…

The Metaphysical Reason:

Knowledge is ultimately based on reality. Reality is what we check our beliefs against…

But there is also a caveat:

While contradictions are to be avoided, sometimes one cannot avoid them, or does not know how to avoid them.

For example, the theory of relativity explains the universe on a large scale and the theory of quantum electrodynamics explains it on a subatomic scale. However, these two theories do not mesh. Because we are stuck, we realize our understanding is limited. We keep both theories because each has explanatory value in its own realm. However, one cannot believe a blatant contradiction. For example, how does one integrate the theory of evolution with the biblical account (as long as it is interpreted correctly). We do not yet know how to do it. Did God exist before the Big Bang or did he find after the Big Bang that he was most intelligent?

Brother Kimber has always had a love for America and our inspired Constitution. He was instrumental in developing a program for television called The Miracle of America@ with his father-in-law W. Cleon Skousen, which was presented nation-wide during the 1980s. He has also appeared before legislative committees in several states pertaining to religious freedom, and other Constitutional issues. In conjunction with his work in the field of education, the Kimbers formed private schools called the Glenn J. Kimber Academies (formerly known as The Benjamin Franklin Academy private schools), and now have more than 25 Academies established throughout the country. He and his wife Julianne have authored over 100 textbooks covering the subjects of History, Science, Math, Language Arts, and Religion. All these textbooks are based on scriptural study as well as Constitutional principles, and emphasize community service, and a love of learning for students of all ages. Over the years, Dr. Kimber has participated in many home school conferences and is pleased to be invited to the LDS home school conference here in Utah again this year. Dr. Kimber was born and raised in northern Utah and he and Julianne currently reside in Cedar City, Utah. They are the parents of 8 and grandparents of 30.



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