The No-Prep Homeschool! (51:45 Mins)


Five Foundational Systems for Homeschooling

by Audrey Rindlisbaucher | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

So many moms get excited about homeschooling, visualize all the fun they’ll have with their children and dive in only to quickly become bogged down with the day to day struggle of curriculum prep and planning. It doesn’t have to be that way! In literally just a few minutes a day it’s possible to create a homeschool where kids learn and have fun and mom stops prepping and starts enjoying school time! Come see how!

Audrey Rindlisbacher has a classical liberal arts Bachelor’s Degree and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Education from Harrison Middleton University. In addition to founding the Ten Boom Institute, Audrey has served on multiple boards for various organizations and teaches study skills and literature at a local university. She loves sharing her experiences in educating herself and her 6 children on radio and at seminars, rallies and conventions. Her current passions are running the Ten Boom Institute’s FREE Video Blog- with hundreds of book reviews, helps for finding and applying principles, reading tips and great book excerpts- and launching the “Enlightened Minds Mentored Lifelong Learning” Program.



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