The Power of Gratitude


The Power of Gratitude and Tuning in to Faith’s True Power (youth)

by Jhonny K | LDS Homeschool Conference 2013

The Power of Gratitude and Tuning in to Faith’s True Power (youth)

The overall goal is to help the students understand God’s will in Him truly wanting to help them accomplish what they want and be happy in this life. I will be covering scriptures and stories about gratitude, faith, and putting away fear. I want to facilitate a paradigm shift inside of the students and see the gospel from the fullness standpoint.

The group work will be focused on these topics as well. Intermingled with music and songs to the same effect.

Scriptures bring used will be D&C 78:19, the story of Job, and Mosiah 25-28


After getting over his phobia of singing, Jhonny K partook of whatever he could vocally from small to large choirs, to being in a couple musicals, some private lessons here and there just to get his vocals up to par. Eventually, he joined several groups as a back up acoustic guitar player and vocalist and  Then later became the lead singer of the band, Everson.

He attended BYU Idaho.

He has always wanted to make a cd compiled of music produced at a professional level. He did so with his first album, Break Free. It is a dream come true for him to make upbeat, uplifting music that stirs the soul and taps the foot.

Always working on new genres, lyrics and melodies, be sure to watch for new material coming soon from Jhonny K!



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