#53 Why Learning?


Table Talk Discussions #53

This week’s focus: Why is Learning Necessary in God’s Plan?

You’ll learn:

  • How the functions of a trunk show us the characteristics of Christ
  • Steps in becoming SMART, God asks us to teach our children and he will provide a way
  • Teaching about Christ is like laying a foundation
  • The foundations of life, learning and how to link you learning

“Remembering our dependence on past mercies kindles gratitude.  Gratitude is past-oriented dependence; faith is future-oriented dependence.  Both forms of dependence are humble, self-forgetting and God-exalting.  If we do not believe that we are deeply dependent on God for all we have or hope to have then the very spring of gratitude and faith runs dry.”  Barbara Rainey, Thanksgiving – A Time to Remember

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