#56 The Science of Theology


Table Talk Discussions #56

This week’s focus:  The Science of Theology

You’ll learn:

  • From the Lectures on Faith how Faith is the first principle in the science of theology
  • The definitions of science, theology and
  • How to teach the scientific method to your children
  • How to use the scriptures to find how theology is in the subject you are studying

“Why study Theology? Because, Theology, Christ’s relationship with the world, is throughout ALL learning, every subject. Theology is the first science, the first subject you should study each day.” ~ Tresta Neil


“As we adopt this new eternal perspective,(of finding Christ in all aspects of life) we begin to forge a new personal paradigm – a new set of assumptions and premises we use to view and interpret life. In science, a faulty paradigm leads to puzzling and contradictory inferences from data.  It is like trying to interpret the data through a distorted lens.  When researchers discover a new, more correct paradigm, they can make sense out of their scientific observations, overcoming the confusing and apparent contradictions. Like wise, when we adopt the paradigm of Christ and trust our spiritual vision, it helps us make sense out of our personal observation, as well as our challenges and difficulties.” ~ Deen Kemsley

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