Choosing a Curriculum – ToriAnn Perkey


How to Choose a Curriculum

Homeschooling 101, How do I Choose a Curriculum?
Thinking about homeschooling as an option for your children, but don’t know where to start? New to homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed with the wide array of available choices? Join ToriAnn as she presents a step-by-step process that explains how to begin choosing curriculum and briefly reviews different homeschool philosophies and teaching styles.

We had a simple recording session with ToriAnn. Her presentation was polished and ready to go. All we needed to do was hook her up. 🙂
ToriAnn’s passion is talking and helping new homeschoolers get through their decision making process and first year better. She shared some wonderful messages about personalities, learn languages and a guide to picking out curricula for each of your children. If you are thinking about homeschooling or just starting, this message is for you.

ToriAnn Perkey is a mother, mentor, keynote speaker, and teacher. Homeschooling since 2004, she strives to lead each of her children–along with others that she mentors–to discover, celebrate, and prepare for the unique role that each has come to earth to play. Since 2008, ToriAnn has empowered families to feel confident and successful as they liberate their kid’s education through her interactive workshops, inspiring keynotes, and online programs. She has served as the past president of WHEN (Wasatch Home Educators Network)–the largest homeschooling network in Utah and the main teacher for The Homeschool Support Group. ToriAnn lives in Orem, Utah, with her husband Josh and their four kids.

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