Turning Hearts at Home: (48:36)


Turning Hearts at Home: Getting Your Whole Family Excited About Family History

by David Edgecomb | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

Turning Hearts at Home: Getting Excited About Family History

How can I make family history “work” come alive in my home and how do I keep my family excited about it? Learn simple but meaningful ways to include and motivate your spouse, teens, and young children to be involved in family history. Brother Edgecomb will share experiences and ideas that you can easily use in your own home to draw your family into the work. He encourages everyone to start at their own level – you do not need to be a genealogy expert to be successful in turning hearts to receive the blessings intended for eternal families.

There are two reasons it is necessary to think systematically and in principles: An epistemological reason and a metaphysical reason.

The Epistemological Reason:

We need principles so we have a few fundamental beliefs we can handle and test…

The Metaphysical Reason:

Knowledge is ultimately based on reality. Reality is what we check our beliefs against…

But there is also a caveat:

While contradictions are to be avoided, sometimes one cannot avoid them, or does not know how to avoid them.

For example, the theory of relativity explains the universe on a large scale and the theory of quantum electrodynamics explains it on a subatomic scale. However, these two theories do not mesh. Because we are stuck, we realize our understanding is limited. We keep both theories because each has explanatory value in its own realm. However, one cannot believe a blatant contradiction. For example, how does one integrate the theory of evolution with the biblical account (as long as it is interpreted correctly). We do not yet know how to do it. Did God exist before the Big Bang or did he find after the Big Bang that he was most intelligent?

David Edgecomb loves getting to know his ancestors through the details they left behind, and he loves to share his excitement with others. He and his wife, Jennifer, have been homeschooling their nine children for over 15 years. They count family time together as one of their greatest blessings. He enjoys raising his family in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and can be reached at.



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