Uncommon Core (48:43 Mins)


Uncommon Core

by Kent and Amy Bowler | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

The Power of an Hour is a Four Year LDS Curriculum since 2002; one room school house approach. It is grab and go, low prep, expansion built in, hands on, and dynamic. Yet it is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and has expansion built in. Scope: Scriptures, Classics, and Daily Focused Learning Sunday: Character Themes, Scripture Mastery,Conference Spotlight, Vocabulary, Quote, People from Church History. Monday: Sowing Seeds of Greatness- Art (Art History through biography), Art Appreciation, Art terms Y3, Spelling Rule of the Week. Tuesday: Sowing Seeds of Greatness-Music (Music History through Biography), Music Appreciation, Music Theory (y2), Grammar Rule of the Week. Wednesday: Sowing Seeds of Greatness– Math / Science (through biography), Living Math/Living Science. (Math covers all major operations in four years to prep for algebra). Thursday: Sowing Seeds of Greatness-Statesmen, Country of the Week, Language (Intro to Hebrew Y1, Anglo Saxon Roots Y2, Latin Roots Y3, Intro to Greek & Greek Roots Y4)> Friday: Sowing Seeds of Greatness-Poetry (Poetry History through biography), Poetry, and State of the Week. Sequence: 36 weeks a year for four years. Old Testament and Ancient Times New Testament and Birth of Christianity through Medieval Times Book of Mormon and Age of Discovery through the Foundations of Liberty. Doctrine and Covenants, and Fulness of Times.

Kent and Amy Bowler are passionate about freedom and education. Together they love taking on the challenges of life, of raising a righteous family unto the Lord, and mentoring the Hero Generation and their families. They love the chance to teach and serve in their Commonwealth School in St. George, UT as well as training LEMI mentors and parents in many communities across the country. They have home schooled their children for 17 years. Amy gets excited when she sees the spark of epiphany when a student “gets it”. Her greatest joys are mentoring with her best friend and husband, Kent, and spending time with her 7 children (and 1 grandchild) laughing, hiking, walking on the beach, playing games and reading. Kent also loves playing with his best family, racing his Silver Snatchit, reading, writing, and learning more and more all the time! They are both eternally grateful to their supportive family and their Father in Heaven.




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